I may or may not have watched the first season of Desperate Housewives. I suppose I’m the type of person that almost spends as much time browsing Netflix as I spend actually watching something. When I watched the pilot for this series, I couldn’t help but to watch the entire first season. I didn’t know that the entire T.V. series is narrated by a character that commits suicide in the pilot episode. This is an interesting approach because the viewer gets insight to various characters in the neighborhood with narration from someone that is presumably much wiser because she’s in the afterlife. I also couldn’t help but notice how mental illness takes on a central theme in this first season. For a while, Susan becomes addicted to her children’s A.D.D medication, another person gets sent to a rehabilitation center, Deidra and Mike have recovered from a past addiction, and the stigma against sufferers of mental illness is hinted at occasionally.

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